Summary Annual Reports

Administrators of employee benefit plans are required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) to provide a Summary Annual Report (SAR) for each benefit plan. The SAR is a one-page summary of information from the Form 5500 which informs plan participants about the financial activities of the plan during the plan year. Click the links below to access current Summary Annual Reports.

2019 Summary Annual Reports

2018 Summary Annual Reports

2017 Summary Annual Reports

2016 Summary Annual Reports

2015 Summary Annual Reports

2014 Summary Annual Reports

2013 Summary Annual Reports

2012 Summary Annual Reports

2011 Summary Annual Reports

2010 Summary Annual Reports

2009 Summary Annual Reports

Effective as of 2009, an annual funding notice for the Windstream Pension Plan (the “Plan”) replaces the summary annual report. The annual funding notice provides important information about the funding status of the Plan. In addition, Schedule SB from the Form 5500 includes information about the Plan that allows agencies to evaluate the Plan’s compliance with the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (the “PPA”). Reviewing the Annual Funding Notice & the Schedule SB together may be helpful in understanding the complete status of the Plan.

Schedule SB of Form 5500

Annual Funding Notice

Notice to Interested Parties

Windstream is required to give interested parties notice that the Windstream 401(k) Plan and the Windstream Pension Plan have submitted to the IRS for determination that each Plan’s document has been properly updated for required law changes. Click on the links below to access the required notice for each plan.