Well-being Support for Employees and Medically Enrolled Spouses

Windstream supports your well-being with a full menu of activities and resources designed to help you maintain or improve your health.

You can also take advantage of the following ongoing wellness programs:

Tobacco Cessation

The Magellan Clickotine program offers app and coaching based tobacco cessation support. Tobacco cessation supplements are also included in the medical plan. Visit MagellanAscend.com for more information and to register.


Windstream’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Windstream offers an Employee Assistance Program through Magellan. From online information to confidential consultations with licensed behavioral health professionals, you and your household have access to a wealth of practical, solution-focused resources to help you reduce stress, strengthen relationships, increase productivity and improve your quality of life.

Get access for the right help at the right time, at no cost to you. Log on to www.magellanascend.com. Click on the “New or Unregistered User” button. Follow the prompts to register. You’ll be asked to provide Windstream’s toll-free program number – 800.327.5569.

Hinge Health

Employees and spouses enrolled in a Windstream medical plan have access to Hinge Health, a digital exercise therapy program to support back and joint health. Hinge Health gives you the tools you need to conquer back and joint pain, recover from injuries, prepare for surgery, and stay healthy and pain-free. The program can be used for chronic or episodic needs. For more information click here.


Windstream partners with Progyny to offer a comprehensive and inclusive family building benefit that supports all paths to parenthood. With over 650 clinics, Progyny offers a wide network of specialists and access to the latest technology. Available to those who enroll in a Windstream medical plan, Progyny will coordinate with your medical and pharmacy benefits. No infertility diagnosis if require for eligibility.


Livongo offers support for members seeking support for diabetes and hypertension. These programs are available at no cost to medically enrolled employees and spouses who meet clinical requirements. Livongo can be reached at 800-945-4355.

By Enrolling in each the Program You Will Receive:

  • Latest Technology to Simplify Living with Diabetes and/or Hypertension: The Livongo connected glucometer, blood pressure cuff, and scale use cellular technology to automatically upload readings, making log books and sync cables a thing of the past.
  • Real-time Support from Coaches to Support Your Healthy Lifestyle: Personalized support provided from the Livongo mobile app, secure website, and certified diabetes educators.
  • Unlimited Strips at No Cost for the Diabetic Program: Test strips and lancets are shipped to your front door with the click of a button at no cost.

Eligible Members

The program is available to employees and their covered family members who are:

  • Enrolled in the Windstream Medical Plan; and
  • For the diabetes program: Diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes
  • For the hypertension program: Diagnosed with hypertension


Through a partnership with Express Scripts, Omada offers a clinical weight management program. The program is available at no cost to medically enrolled employees and spouses who meet clinical requirements. Omada can be reached at 888-409-8687.

  • Clinical eligibility for the weight management program: using prescribed metformin as a monotherapy, using a prescribed weight loss medication, or using both a prescribed hypertension and a prescribed cholesterol-lowering medication; program is not able to accept those who are pregnant, diagnosed with diabetes, or with a BMI less than 25

Your Privacy

Your personal health information is private and is not shared with Windstream. It is gathered and maintained by our independent third-party vendors. Windstream takes your privacy very seriously. Reports that are generated from participation in weight and condition management programs and completion of the biometric screenings provide information to participants and, in aggregate, to Windstream to help plan health risk reduction strategies. Windstream is only provided with consolidated information that aids in administration of the plans, such as who qualifies for awards, and aggregate information about Windstream as a whole, for instance, the average health score of our employee base. In addition, it is prohibited by federal law for Windstream or any employer to receive your personal health information without your consent.