Events in Life Impacting Benefits

Life Events

You can make a change to your benefits during the Plan year if you experience an IRS defined life event such as a marriage, birth, divorce, or spouse gain/loss of coverage at his/her employer. These events enable to you make a change as of the effective date of the event. You can enter your change up to 30 days following your event date and provide needed dependent verification documentation up to 30 days after you enter your change. When changing benefits due to a life event, the change you make must be consistent with the event type. For example, for the birth of a child, you can add your newborn child to the plan but not any other children.

Changes to your benefit deductions being as soon as administratively possible following the entry of the change and submission of dependent verification documentation, if applicable. If you are removing dependents and/or reducing coverage, your benefit deductions will change/stop 2-4 weeks after you enter the event. Windstream receives a deduction change file from the benefits enrollment system one week prior to each pay date. Windstream does not give refunds for premiums charged during this time period – it is up to you to enter the event and needed documentation timely.

Common Life Events to Add Dependents

  • Birth of a child
  • Adoption of a child
  • Marriage
  • Spouse or dependent child loses coverage elsewhere
  • Lose eligibility for Medicaid

Common Life Events to Remove Dependents

  • Death of a child or spouse
  • Divorce
  • Loss of dependent child status (reaches age 26)
  • Spouse or dependent child gains coverage elsewhere
  • Become eligible for Medicare or Medicaid

Life event changes may be initiated in the benefits enrollment platform or with the assistance of a benefits counselor at 866-553-9409.