Prescription Drug Program

Express scripts

Express Scripts will continue to provide prescription coverage included with each of the medical plans.

  • Short-term prescriptions – For short-term prescriptions, such as antibiotics, use a participating retail pharmacy like Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Costco, Safeway, Albertsons, and Rite Aid and many more. You can go to any of nearly 60,000 retail pharmacies, including most major drugstores. Just ask your retail pharmacy if it’s in our network. You can also log in to and select “Locate a Pharmacy” or call Member Services toll-free at 866-769-0052.
  • Mail-Order for Maintenance Medications –  Your prescription coverage has a mandatory mail-order program for maintenance medication. You can fill 2 prescription of a new medication at a participating pharmacy, before you will need to order a 90-day supply with free shipping.  To learn more about your benefit, log in to and select “View Benefit Highlights” from the drop-down menu under “Health & Benefits Information”. First-time visitors, please take a moment to register before using this service. A 90-day retail option is also available through Walgreens for maintenance medication.

2024 Rates

Express Scripts will provide prescription coverage and is included with each of the Windstream medical plans.

Rx Savings Solutions offers you several ways to save money through the convenience of your mobile device or through an online portal. It also automatically alerts you with an email or text if you are paying too much for your prescription, and finds you other ways to get the same treatment for less money.

With Rx Savings Solutions, you can:

  • Locate better prices for your prescription drugs at in-network pharmacies near you, through Express Scripts’ mail-order program and through Walgreen’s 90-day retail refill option.
  • Identify different medications that perform the same as your current or prescribed medication, but with a lower out-of-pocket price (which you can review with your clinician or prescriber).
  • Search and compare prices and other options before being prescribed a new medication.
  • Learn how to speak with your doctor or prescriber about making any changes to your prescriptions. Or, Rx Savings Solutions can do the work for you – it provides access to certified pharmacy technicians for personal assistance.
  • Easily see all the ways you can save money on your personal prescriptions, according to YOUR health plan

Special Savings Notes: Be sure your spouse and adult-aged family members who are on your health plan set up their own accounts. Any minors’ prescriptions will appear on your own portal.

Questions? The Rx Savings Solutions Pharmacy Support Team is staffed with Certified Pharmacy Technicians who are available to assist with prescription questions at no cost to you. They can be reached Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. CT at 1-800-268-4476 or [email protected].

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