Dependent Verification

Dependent Verification Instructions to Add a Spouse or Child to the Windstream Medical, Dental, and/or Vision Plan

Mercer conducts dependent verification on behalf of Windstream when an employee first adds a spouse or child to the Windstream Medical, Dental, and/or Vision Plan. This can happen through the new hire enrollment process, with a life event, or during open enrollment. The form below provides instructions, and required documents are submitted directly to Mercer. If dependents are not verified by Mercer due to incomplete or late submission of documents, dependents will not have coverage on a Windstream Plan.

Dependent Verification Instructions

Incapacitated Child(ren) on the Windstream Medical, Dental, and/or Vision Plan Past Age 26

Incapacitated children are able to remain on Windstream Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans past age 26 provided they were on the Plan(s) prior to age 26 and are deemed medically incapacitated by the medical carrier. If your child is incapacitated and is approaching age 26, please reach out to Grand Rounds at 855-524-8426 for assistance with the medical review process with your respective medical carrier, BCBS or UMR. Absent an incapacitation certification, all children are removed from plans the month in which they turn 26 and are offered individual COBRA coverage for a period of 18 months. Incapacitation certification can be approved by the medical carrier for a period of time with required re-certification or for life.

BCBS Verification Form

UMR Verification Form (forthcoming)