Windstream offers benefits that may be helpful to you as your family grows.

Thinking of having a baby? Now’s the time to start getting ready! What you and your partner do before and during your pregnancy will help your baby get the best start possible.

Before and During Pregnancy

WINFertility – Windstream partners with WINfertility, Inc. to offer voluntary comprehensive fertility management services to all employees and covered spouses. Their clinical experts will act as coaches for patients and help to coordinate care with our current insurer for covered infertility services. Based on their unique expertise, they have achieved impressive results for patients – including improved pregnancy rates, reduced multiple births and expensive NICU hospital admissions, as well as exceptional patient satisfaction scores. They can help you maximize your benefits through use of infertility treatment options with the strongest likelihood of success.

WINFertility management program helps maximize employee benefits through use of infertility treatment options with the strongest likelihood of success. Find out more by calling 844.838.4868.

My 9 Months – Take advantage of the March of Dimes Healthy Babies Healthy Business® program. Log on to My 9 Months for trusted up-to-date pre-pregnancy and pregnancy information!

After arrival

Having a baby is a qualifying event to make changes to your health insurance. You will need to enroll your baby in insurance and submit life event documentation within 31 days (birth date + 30 calendar days).

What documentation do you need?

Birth certificate – The documentation must include the date of birth, employee and child’s name.

Social Security Number – A social security number is not needed for enrolling newborn children. However, the Affordable Care Act requires that Windstream have all dependents SSN on record for reporting purposes. Not having an SSN will result in a tax penalty and may cause issues with processing your claims. Be sure to update your benefit record as soon as your baby’s ID number is available. Visit to apply.

Throughout Life

The Magellen EAP – Assistance program offers online resources for parents and family members. From child care to counseling, Magellan can help you find the right help at any age. Visit Register by filling in Windstream’s toll-free program number: 844.838.4868.