Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Windstream employees can enroll to purchase Windstream stock through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). The ESPP offers an easy, planned and consistent method to purchase shares of Windstream stock through payroll deduction. For more information on the ESPP, access the FAQ document.

To enroll in the ESPP:

  • Log onto the Windstream network and access Stream
  • From the toolbar on the Stream Home Page, click The Hub icon
  • In the top right-hand corner select the NavBar icon
  • Select Navigator 
  • Select Self-Service
  • Select Payroll & Compensation
  • Select Voluntary Deduction
  • Select Add Deduction, then select Windstream Stock as the type of deduction
  • Select whether deduction is a Flat Amount or Percent
  • Enter the dollar amount or percent per pay period that you would like to have deducted to purchase Windstream stock shares


After enrolling, an account will be established with Computershare for you. Instructions for accessing the account will be mailed to you within approximately two weeks after enrolling.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) Quarterly Statements
Quarterly ESPP statements are generally mailed the first week of the month following the end of a quarter. For example, first quarter statements will be mailed during the first week of April, second quarter statements will be mailed during the first week of July and so on.

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